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SDB-210 Dual Beam


The SDB-210HB uses a precision design Free Curve reflector that is outstandingly smooth and heat resistant. It reflects light efficiently due to the vaporized aluминum applied to the reflector surface. 

Aggressive off-road drivers will appreciate a lamp with a spot beam able to illuминate approximately 270 meters ahead, with a concentrated lighting pattern and a driving beam wide enough to supplement vehicle headlights by illuминating the entire surface in front of the vehicle. 

Hard off-road driving generates vibration and shock. The SDB-210HB has an internal light frame to protect the lamp and a stone guard to protect the lens. The body is constructed of a polycarbonate resin which has excellent impact resistance. 
Serious off-roaders usually run in serious weather. The SDB-210HB has weather resistant rubber seal to help protect the lamp integrity. The hardened glass lens gives excellent heat and thermal shock resistance, strength and translucency. The lamp illuминation angle can be adjusted to 15 degrees up or down to fine-tune the light pattern. 

Dual beam control switch includes relay control feature and LED illuминation when lamps are in use. 

Параметры/Код товара 
Код товара: 37609
Model: SDB-210HB
Bulb: H4
Rating: 12V 100/90-Watt
Maximum Brightness: 200,000CD
Spot Beam: 853'/260m
Driving Beam: 492'/150m
Beam Color: White
Lens диаметр: 7"/180mm
Attachment Bolt Размеры: 13/32"/10mm
Switch: 1 (12V/24V)
Relays: 2
Harness: 1 (H4 TYPE)
Cord Clamps: 4
Relay Locating Clamp: 1
U-clip:  4 Clip tape 4
Self-tapping screw/washer: 2